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What elements are essential to create a good webpage? A webpage that drives visitors to a page and ensures repeat visits? This is an important question that all web designers must be able to answer and apply. As you begin to design webpages you need to thoroughly understand the elements of good web design so that you can ensure that your pages adhere to said elements.

The goal of the Evaluating Webpage Design WebQuest is to introduce you to some of the elements of good webpage design and allow you an opportunity to evaluate webpages to gauge each page's adherence to good webpage design principles. Please follow the instructions, below, to work through the WebQuest.

Student Instructions

Evaluation image. To work through the Evaluating Webpage Design WebQuest, please work through each of the below sections in order.
  1. Introduction - An overview of principles addressed in the WebQuest.
  2. Task - An overview of the tasks you will complete as part of the WebQuest.
  3. Process - In depth directions and guidance for completing the WebQuest tasks.
  4. Evaluation - An evaluative tool for your use to ensure you meet all the task requirements of the WebQuest.
  5. Conclusion - Wraps up the WebQuest and provides a last question for you to consider.

Teacher Instructions

Interested in using this WebQuest in your web design course? If so, see the Teacher page as it provides a lesson plan for incorporating this WebQuest into your curriculum. Enjoy.

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