1. Students will complete a walking field trip of the Ruston Way Waterfront, visiting specific site locations during their trip.
    - Use map and site information below to complete walking field trip.
  2. Students will complete a series of activities/assessments to demonstrate their completion of the walking field trip.
    - See activities/assessment required below to complete walking field trip.

Site Info

Ruston Way Waterfront Scavenger Hunt Map

Site #1 Tacoma Chinese Garden and Reconciliation Park

Metro Parks - Chinese Reconciliation Park

The Tacoma Method - Informational Video

Site #2 Old Town Dock

Metro Parks - Old Town Dock

Droplets - Art Scavenger Hunt

Site #3 Dickman Mill Park

Metro Parks - Dickman Mill Park

Dickman Mill Image Slideshow
Dickman Mill Image Image map for linking to Dickman Mill Image Slideshow.

Site #4 Fireboat No. 1

Fireboat No. 1 - Information Website

Fireboat No. 1 Foursquare Check-in

Site #5 Marine Park

Metro Parks - Marine Park


  1. Take a selfie at one of walking field trip sites listed above.
    ♣ Selfie must include an identifiable feature of the site, IN FULL VIEW.
  2. Record a brief (1-2 minute) audio narrative about one of the walking field trip sites.
    ♣ Site selected must be different for site used in selfie.
  3. Check-in at Fireboat No. 1 on Foursquare.
    ♣ Leave a tip for future visitors to the site.
  4. Write a blog post that includes summary of the walking field trip experience and your:
    ♣ Selfie image.
    ♣ Audio narrative.
  5. Publish blog post and share post URL with instructor.