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What is Webpage Accessibility | Color Picker Tools | Section 508 Standards

Rachel Boylan
MAET Student
Boise State University

Learner Description: This site is designed for Web Design students. Students have mastered basic HTML concepts and must now integrate acceptable accessibility standards to created HTML products.

What is Webpage Accessibility?

Webpage accessibility encompasses the rules, standards, and guidelines that exist to address web-based media and its accessibility to visitor's with disabilities.

The rules, standards, and guidelines for webpage accessibility, as we know them, are governed by the U.S. Government and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) through the Section 508 Standards (with more information below) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

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Color Picker Tools

Color picker tools are invaluable resources that allow web designers the ability to see a created web page as a visitor with color blindness would see the web page. These resources aids the web designer in his or her efforts to not only create a visually appealing web page, but also to create a web page that is visible to people with color blindness.

Accessibility Color Wheel - A color picker that shows how background, foreground and invert colors on a page look to people with three (3) different forms of color blindness.

Color Laboratory - A color picker that shows how the background and foreground colors on a web page look to people with eight (8) different forms of color blindness. This link works in conjunction with the Color Blind Web Page Filter.

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Section 508 Standards

Section 508 standards are a series of 16 standards that guide the design of web pages to ensure their accessibility for viewers with disabilities.

Section508.gov - The official page for Section 508 standards.

Section 508 | HHS.gov - An informational web page that presents a succinct definition of the Section 508 standards as well as resources for creating compliant web pages.

Section 508 Checker - A web page that allows web designers check their page's compatability to the Section 508 standards.

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