Website Purpose

This website, in its current form, serves as a "portfolio" of sorts for my EDTECH 501 and 502 coursework. Using this site, I am able to:

  1. showcase my course-created products
  2. reflect on my growth in regard to educational technology and web design/development.

Upon completion of EDTECH 502 I will likely transition the page from a course portfolio to a MET program portfolio. In that regard the site will serve a variety of purposes; to include:

  1. acting as a repository for storing my educational technology products/artifacts created throughout the program
  2. serving as a vehicle for personal, thoughtful reflection about the development of new "schema" in regard to educational technology.

About Me

My name is Rachel Boylan. I am a Boise State University MET student. I formally began the program in the 2014 Summer Semester; however, I have completed four EDTECH courses prior to enrolling as a degree-seeking student.

I am currently employed as a virtual teacher. I have taught "virtually" for the last four years. Last year, I assumed the part-time role of Educational Technologist for our small hub of teachers. This experience helped solidify my desire to earn an MET.

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